To Do. To Think. Or to BE…

I’m a Type-A detail oriented person. Those traits make me a great interior designer since I’m really focused on the big AND small stuff and will obsess over it for you. However, when applied to my own creativity and personal life, sometimes all that ‘do-ing’ overrides just being. Earlier this year I stumbled across Laura Lee Gulledge’s graphic novel “Page by Paige”. It was recommended by other women artists we know for my teenage daughter.

But as it kicked around our house I took a peak too….

And found a wonderful coming-of-age tale that was also a great ‘call to arms’ to reclaim creativity.

Here’s a quick peak at a page from the book:

Sample page from Laura Lee Gulledge's "Page by Paige"

Sample page from Laura Lee Gulledge’s “Page by Paige”

The family and I spent an amazing weekend recently at New York Comic Con and Laura Lee was one of the people we made sure to find in Artists Alley. She was just as lovely as you’d hope and ended up finishing our convos with hugs all around and early holiday present for me of the print below. Because I’ll need that reminder that while I keep “do-ing” to NOT forget just to “be” sometimes too.

So I need to get this framed soon and hung over my computer in the office for that daily reminder.


Laura Lee Gulledge print

Laura Lee Gulledge print

Pick up a copy for any young people who may be in your life AND yourself.

To look up more of Laura’s work visit

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